Elena Torró

this is just another personal site, don't take it too seriously

léelo en español

Hi, this is Elena 👋

I'm a Multimedia Engineer born in Murcia, a Region in Spain where you can find delicious lemons 🍋 and beautiful arid landscapes ⛰️

I love building tech tools others can use, and that's one of the reasons why I've joined Tinybird's flock 🐥

I have a project with my friends, Droids & Druids 🤖💓🧙‍♀️, where we talk (in Spanish) about literature, films, comics, videogames... within the framework of sci-fi, fantasy and terror genres

I also enjoy water sports 🏄, practicing karate 🥋, playing the piano 🎶, solving and creating riddles 🧩, and writing ☄️ 🛸 stories, among others